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At BBRD we understand that your time is valuable. We want to ensure that the time you spend with our company through our services and support are positive ones – allowing you to spend more time on your business. 

Your satisfaction with our services is important to us. We are building our brand upon transparency and honesty with our customers. We value you as a customer and believe that services work both ways. We think it is important to know exactly what you can expect from us.


Whether it’s a question about your bill or service schedule or repairs to your bin, it helps to have people who can help in your own backyard. BBRD is proudly Northern B.C. owned and operated and  available to take your calls and respond efficiently. 

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Not every service option works for everybody all the time. Seasons, projects, moving, growth, etc. all can affect your service requirements. You may need more, you may need less. Maybe you need to be serviced at certain times of the day or week. Whatever you need, or whenever you need to change, it's a simple phone call and we gladly make the adjustments for you.


Your waste hauling services shouldn't be a mystery. We believe they should be the last thing on your mind. Contracts, as our commitment to each other, should be easy to understand. That’s why we’ve made sure that all of our policies are clear and reasonable. We want everything to be simple. That's why we make it simple.

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We feel that your invoicing should be simple and make sense. You should see what services you have and how much you are charged for that service. No law degree required. We want to be able to discuss your bill with you if you ever have questions. No smoke and mirrors or convoluted terms that make no sense to anybody.

Visit our Understanding your Invoice page for more clarity.

Most importantly, we know that you have the right to choose.

When it comes to waste hauling services for your home or business, we know that you have options. We’re glad that you’ve chosen the only locally owned and operated commercial waste hauling service in PG.

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